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Logging in

Previous PQ portal users

Logging in for the first time

If you’ve previously registered with us through the PQ Portal and provided us with your personal email address, you can use your that email to access myProfile.

Do the following:

  • go to myProfile
  • select 'Login'
  • choose 'Forgot your password?'
  • enter your email address
  • You will have to authenticate your account the first time you log in using Authy, a two-factor authentication tool.

Unrecognised email address

If your personal email address is not recognised and you have had a PQ account previously email with full details of any email addresses which could be associated to your account. 

New users

If you have not previously submitted a personal questionnaire application, you will have to register to use the service.

Register with your personal email address

Register with your personal email address so that you always have access to your information, even if you change jobs.